Fast, easy, beautiful. Oh, and flexible

With SteadyNiche you don't need to worry about installation and management. Just buy upload, install, and it's ready. You can forget about it and just remember and you're checking your revenue stats. Or, you can customize everything. SteadyNiche satisfies every customer in a different way. That's what we call flexibility.

Why park your domains? Give them life

Say hello to the definitive solution for your domain business. With SteadyNiche, you can build content-rich portals based on the subject of your domain. Games? Flowers? Stock Market? Anything. Your portal will be full of pictures, videos, articles, news and more... everything generated and updated automatically.

Excellent domains, perfect names... no content?

Maybe you're losing the chance to start earning lots of money from your domains. Why? No content and parked pages simply make search engines, and people, lose the interested in your domain. So, why don't you boost up your traffic developing your domain? At the same time you do that, you're raising your domain name value. SteadyNiche allows you to this in minutes.

We care about you. Support is a feature.

Our customers enjoy total peace of mind knowing we provide the best technical support around. We stand behind our software and are committed to helping our customers succeed on the web using our product. If you have a question or a problem, we're here to help.

It's like growing money on trees

You choose the right place. You buy the right seed. And after some time, you have the results. That's what SteadyNiche is. A money-growing seed, buried in your domains. And you don't even need to water it. All generated websites are automatically updated and optimized for search engines. You can also rely on great features like: content rewriting, custom content insertion and multiple RSS feeds.

Don't waste your money with parking companies!

Register now! How many domains you have? 10? 100? 2000? And how many are successfully developed? Most of them are parked with domain registrars giving you some pennies per month, meanwhile, they have potential to give you lots of money per month. You know that. But you don't have time or money to waste hiring freelancers to develop websites for each domain. Wouldn't you love to be able to install a live site with rich content based on the subject of each domain? With a click of a button? We know that. And that's why SteadyNiche was developed. With SteadyNiche you can build a rich content website, automatically updated and managed, just uploading some php files and clicking in one button.

Words can't express what SteadyNiche really is. So, why don't you see some demonstrations? SteadyNiche is a software developed in PHP that gathers data from other websites, like Google or eBay, using the RSS technology. With this, SteadyNiche has a consistent base of information to build a complete website. So, with SteadyNiche, you can create a website with reliable and keyword-rich content about any subject in 5 minutes! There's no trick, no magic. Nothing. Pure and simple technology. Now, in the front of your eyes, allowing you to start earning lots of money the easy and fast way.

More content

Content, content and more content. SteadyNiche displays lots of articles, blog posts, news and FAQ's related to your chosen keyword

Easy and fast installation

Easy and fast installation. SteadyNiche handles everything for you. You just need to fill one form.

And SteadyNiche doesn't display only articles and news. Our media modules allows your website to have videos and pictures in full-featured galleries. The SteadyNiche generated websites are completely optimized for search engines, and, the most important feature, optimized for humans. Your website will present good, readable, rich and interesting content for the visitors, that will come back for news and more information. This way, you'll have real human traffic, and returning traffic. Without too much efforts, since the website is updated automatically.

Youtube Videos

With the videos module, your website will present YouTube videos based on the keywords chosen

Photos Module

With the photos module, your website will present a complete image gallery based on the keywords chosen

Completely integrated with Google Adsense and the eBay API, SteadyNiche generated websites allow you to earn money with affiliate programs. Even if you're only interested in raising your domain name value and rank, you can earn some bucks with affiliate programs. Every sale made through the products page will give some credits to you. Also, every search made within the website, gives you money through Adsense. And all the pages have well positioned Adsense Ads. If you don't like Google Adsense, you can modify the script to work with other major Affiliate Networks. Just change the banner codes.

Products Module

With the products module, you can provide products related to your content and earn commissions for every sale

Google Search Module

Your website will present a Google Search module, integrated with Google Adsense system. You earn for each search made